Sunday, January 10, 2010

Back w/a Vingeance!!

So today was, in one word, AWESOME!

This morning I got up at 8:00 a.m. and met Helen at 24 Hour Fitness (yes, I rejoined in order to train for the Triathlon.) We had a great bike ride on the stationary bikes. I set the program to 'Random Hills', because the Triathlon we are doing is going to be in Austin, Texas. It is very hilly there. We rode for 30 minutes, plus a few minutes of cool down. I went 10.5 miles and it felt great! I have never had that good of a workout on a stationary bike (besides spinning of course). I think one reason it felt so great is Helen and I talked the whole time and the time flew by.

Then we decided to tackle the swimming. Did I mention Helen used to be a competitive swimmer? Wow, she was amazing! I have to give myself props. We swam for about 30 minutes and I did 12 laps. I stopped for a minute breather a couple of times, but it was a pretty constant workout.

I've really got to work on my breathing so far as swimming goes. I've never been one to use my nose for breathing. I'm what you'd call a mouth breather. But, in swimming it is essential that you keep your head in the water and breathe out through your nose, then come up and take a breathe through your mouth. I kind of got it today, but I'm going to keep working on it. Helen said she thought I'd do pretty well if I got the breathing down. And coming from her, that was a pretty big complement.

We got in the hot tub for a bit, and that was nice. Then I headed out and met Sam at the park. We walked for 2.5 miles.

So yeh, working out was great today. That is why I'm typing my post tonight, because I'm going to get up early and go to the gym in the morning. I don't know if I'll have a lot of time to post in the morning.

Okay, getting kinda sleepy. Hopefully I'll have a more interesting post tomorrow :) Everyone have a great night, and let's make this week a good one!

No Excuses and moving on...

So, yesterday wasn't so great. I didn't exercise and I didn't stay at my 1500 calorie goal. I pretty much maintained. I ALSO didn't post on my blog!! [Insert ominous scary music here, throw in a bit of screaming too.]

Here are my list of excuses that aren't really excuses because there are no excuses when it is all a choice. I challenge you to read it aloud without taking a single breath.

Deep breath.....

Friday night I went to bed nice and early at 7p.m. and my husband came and woke me up at 11p.m., totally disturbing my sleep schedule, and that is when I wrote my last post, which I kinda hoped was posted after midnight so it could count as yesterday's post, but it wasn't, and then I avoided this blog like the plague yesterday because I didn't do any exercise, because my 5K that I have been training for was cancelled, because of the cold and lack of interest, because Texans apparently don't have balls to run outside when it is under 20 degrees, and then I was in the really nasty mood and yelled at my husband at wal-mart, even though I should have known not to allow him to go shopping with me, because we never get along, and then I felt pissy because I was behaving all emotionally, and just wanted to eat, and then I went to this scrapbooking meeting for the first time where I actually had tons of fun, but also where there was queso and drinks, none of which were diet, so I just said screw it and had probably 3 servings of queso and two un-diet sodas and a margarita, and after that I came home and made a homemade cheese pizza that usually is pretty healthy, but not when you eat half of the whole pizza, and then I went to bed even though I had my gym clothes in my car, ready to go, just waiting for me.

Breathe people breathe!!

If you made it through that in a single breath I think you set a new record. Quick! Call Guiness! If not, don't feel bad. I didn't either, which means that list of excuses is

..............completely and utterly bogus!

And that is okay, because I am letting them and yesterday go into the archives. Today is a new day and I'm treating it like one!

8:00 a.m. today I am meeting Helen at the gym (the girl who is doing the triathlon with me in May) and we are gonna bust our butts doing some swimming and biking. After that I might meet Sam to do some jogging at a park. Today's gonna be a good day!! :)