Wednesday, May 19, 2010

BLC - Day 17, 2 Pounds; A Lasting Change

So, I'll be the first to admit that I roll my eyes when people say,

"Two pounds a week is a healthy weight loss. You are more likely to keep it off."

I have always hated that. I hate reading it, I hate hearing it, I hate trying to appease myself with that thought when I only lose two pounds a week...

But, I hate the alternative even more.

Last night I watched the Biggest Loser. It is the next to last episode and the final four contestants ran a Marathon! Oh wow, I have to say I was really inspired. I mean, if they can run a Marathon after 6 months, I can surely run a 1/2 Marathon by January 2011 (a goal of mine).

So I'm on the couch getting all motivated. And of course, throughout the Marathon they have flashbacks of when the contestants were much heavier, when they thought they'd never be able to do something like that. You know, stuff that will fill up 2 hours of TV time. Then, about half way through the Marathon they show the contestants meeting up with a former Biggest Loser contestant that runs with and encourages them for a little while.

Two out of the Four previous contestants were obese again! I was dumb founded..."Really?? REALLY?"

My husband shrugged, "What do you expect, they lost the weight too fast. They didn't know how to keep it off in everyday life."

I was still in shock. I mean, that is always what I shoot for. If people on the Biggest Loser can lose 10 pounds a week, dang it, I should be able to too! And maybe I could...but if people on the Biggest Loser gain their weight back...then I could do that too, especially if I don't learn how to maintain my healthy lifestyle...if I don't just lose 2 pounds a week.

So, yeh, wow.

For about 3 years now I have known that I am overweight and on some level I have been trying to lose it. For 3 years I have gotten really irritated whenever anyone said, "Oh, just lose 2 pounds a week. That is healthy, yada, yada, yada."

But if 3 years ago I would have had the realization that I did last night, if I would have listened to that advice rather than diet/binge/diet/binge, yoyoing back and forth...then I would be to my goal weight. No questions asked. Easy Peezy. I'd be there.

2 pounds a week? That means it will take approximately 7 months until I reach my goal weight (160 pounds).

For the first time I'm okay with that.

It is worth it.

For a lasting change.

This is so weird. Now people are going to hate me when I say...

"It is a very good goal to lose 2 pounds a week.
Take it from me,
I wasted 3 years being a skeptic."

Thanks for reading and have a great day!