Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Slept late, but...

I needed it. Yesterday I did push myself. I went swimming for 20 minutes in the morning. Very lite and very nice cardio. Then in the afternoon I ended up doing a 60 minute pilate class w/my newest bud Kyra and then drove like a bat of hell to 24 hour fitness for a spin class w/Helen. I did not do all that on an empty stomach, opting instead to eat half an energy bar before pilates. But man, was I ever tired.

That pilates class really surprised me. I am definitely sore today. It is one of the healthiest 'sores' I've ever felt though. It isn't pain really, I just feel like my body is getting stronger.

The teacher of the class was really cool. She was foreign, and when ever she would say exhale she said, "Excel!" Kind of funny, huh? You can either take that to mean she is talking about a spreadsheet or that she is saying "Excel at that plank!"

Spinning was also great. It was my favorite instructor from forever ago, and I think Helen liked it too. I was a bit tired so I didn't push it as much as I would have liked to in spin, but I'm pretty sure I still burned a lot of calories.

So yeh, sleeping in this morning, was a good idea. And it really wasn't sleeping in. I went to bed around 10, waking up at 6 is eight hours of sleep. Just sucks that I don't have time to go for a swim this morning. But I'll definitely go tomorrow.

Today is probably going to be a long day. I have SOOOO much to do at work because it is my last week before I start training the new person. Plus the other secretaries want to go out to eat today. I suggested Luby's because they kind of have some healthy choices. But everyone else wants to go to Perry's Steakhouse. I can't find any nutritional information on this place. So, I'm just going to have to be extra careful. They supposedly make very good pork chops, so I'll probably get one of those and eat maybe half of it, and skip the mashed potatoes that come with everything there.

For breakfast this morning I tried some super low cal high fiber hot cereal. And I have to say it is pretty yucky. Even after putting some banana, strawberry, milk & sugar in it I can't finish the bowl. I might eat the other half of that energy bar for breakfast.

For exercise today I'm about to do a bit of yoga to stretch myself out of this soreness, then at 4 today I'm going to go for a run, and at 5 Helen has invited me to a strength training class. I've been to one of these classes before and didn't like it. Mainly because my upper body is SOOOOO weak! But, I have been getting a lot more muscular lately, so who knows. I may surprise myself, and as Helen pointed out, "That is why you go to the class!" True, true.

One last thing, then I'll stop droaning on :)

I just hate looking in the mirror right now. It is like I just see every imperfection, especially when I'm in my birthday suit. And I'm trying so hard. It takes time though, and I know it is worth it. One day I will look in the mirror and finally see what I'm improving. But for right now I'm just trying not to look. I'm so tired of seeing fat rolls, stretch marks, and cellulite staring back at me :(

But damn it! I'm gonna change!! :) See there, I am going out on a positive note. Have a great day everyone.