Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Biggest Loser

So, as many of us know, the road to being healthy...especially one as long as dotted with many revelations. I've had this one before, in a way, but it is always good to reflect.

Last night my husband and I watched the Biggest Loser Finale. I knew it would be some good motivation and was happy I got to see it. It had occured to me a year or so ago, as I sat watching the finale of that season that I could literally be a contestant on the Biggest Loser. I weighed as much as many of the women on the show, sometimes a little more than some of the contestants. That was my revelation then..."Oh crap, I'm a fat a**" basically, haha.

But last night I realized something different. When I'm done with this...heck even now...I have lost as much, and I will probably lose more, than many of the contestants on the show. It reminded me of how far I've come. 70 pounds is a lot of weight. In fact it is 25% of my body weight. When I finally reach my weightloss goal I will have lost 40% of my body weight. 40 PERCENT!

Realizing this made me want to get it done. I can easily finish this by May, so what am I waiting for??

Of course, all this happened yesterday after I didn't run my 1.5 miles and I kinda binged on dinner...well, didn't really binge, but my calories were probably close to 2500 total yesterday. But, my attitude is much healthier than it used to be. Like I've said before...We human's have a long life span, so we get a lot of new beginnings. Every day is a new beginning, every moment...I'm not going to waist those opportunities grieving over a Mexican casserole! That would be really dumb! Just enjoy the food I ate, and realize that I would enjoy being skinny more! I had a delicious breakfast burrito. It was basically my omelet I make wrapped up in a tortilla. So, breakfast was about 250 calories. I had a Sugar Free Rockstar, 20 calories. For lunch my hubby wants to go to a mexican food place we like. I will get something there very healthy, and will try to keep lunch under 600 calories. Then, for dinner tonight...I'm going to have a turkey breast and lots of veggies. I will need to keep it under 350 calories. If I have enough calories left I'll have some hot chocolate. I will run my 1.5 miles today, and I will also run it on Saturday since I missed yesterday. Also gonna do my weights, and if I have time I really want to push it and do some time on the elliptical or maybe walk a while. I really need to drink some water, lol, all I've had is this energy drink.

On another note, I love going over to Candice's house in the morning. It really starts me off on the right foot and gets me motivated for the rest of the day. I really liked walking Woodrow today. He is such a good puppy :) Makes me feel like I have an extra, I mean dog that I don't have to take care of all the time, lol.

Thank for reading!