Monday, January 4, 2010

Pics from the Weekend

This is not today's official post, but I wanted to go ahead and upload the pictures I was unable to put up this weekend.

When I drove into Challenger Park I had to stop and take a picture of the buzzards that were just hanging out on these picnic tables. They were HUGE and there must have been at least 20 of them all together.

This is the path at Challenger Park.
Doesn't that just make you WANT to run?
Pics from around the park. Great kayaking area.

Here are the RollerDerby girls, lol. We snuck the picture.
Sam being...well, being Sam :)

Thought this was a fun 'action' shot.
Though neither of us fell this weekend, it kind of gives that feeling.
Me, not looking as cool as I felt, lol.

Me and my sista! :)

Ah, makes me wanna get out there and do something. Unfortunately, I'm stuck at this desk most of the day. At least it will keep me from eating, and I am so gonna force Candice to go for a couple of walks :)

Alright peeps, let's make it happen!