Monday, December 7, 2009

Addicted to nuts...

The food, you perv! But really, I can't stop eating them. I get them in these 100 calorie packs, especially the ones that are cocoa flavored...omg, must stop buying them because I can't stop eating them.

So, today I'm feeling pretty awesome :)

Thus far I have eaten -

Egg whites, w/sauteed veggies, & cheddar cheese - 180 calories
3 100 calorie packs of nuts (told ya so) - 300 calories
Freebirds Steak Salad - 550 calories
And I'm drinking an energy drink right now - 180 calories
subtotal - 1210

Honestly, a little high for so early in the day. BUT, tonight all I'm gonna have is a grilled turkey filet thinger and some sauteed squash/zuchini/potato/sweet potato mix thinger. That should be 300 calories, very close to 1500 calories today.

I can do this...

A couple of weeks ago I got this fortune cookie that said
"Don't pursue happiness - create it."

I think that applies to a lot of things, like:
"Don't pursue success - create it."
"Don't pursue weight loss - create it."
"Don't pursue great food - create it."
"Don't pursue anything really....just create it."

Because we honestly have the power to create whatever it is we want. In truth creating something often times involves pursuing it...but, when you realize you are actually creating it, then you realize YOU have the POWER to get something done. You can't just sit around waiting for it to happen.

Very excited about my workout today. I'm gonna lift weights for a good 45 minutes (at least), then I plan on getting on the Elliptical for 10 minutes, get my heart rate up, and then run for 1.5 miles! My first day of a mile and a half! I'm super excited to meet this goal! Then I'm going to cool down either walking for 10 minutes or getting back on the Elliptical for a bit.

Candice said something really neat today. (Hope she doesn't mind me stealing this), but she said, "Imagine if someone said 'You MUST gain 2 pounds this week!'" How many of us would have a problem doing that? I know I wouldn't. I mean, if someone told me I must gain 15 pounds this week I could probably do it. So reverse that, "You MUST lose 2 pounds this week!" Why does that sound so much harder? It shouldn't really. 2 pounds is 2 pounds, no matter what direction you are going.

All we have to do is exercise and watch what we eat, eventually the weight will come off.

I have also been thinking about my last post with the questions. It has really been helping me to think of things long term, like "How is this effecting where I want to be in five years?," etc. It is helping me to not sweat the small stuff and to really reconsider stupid decisions. It is funny that not sweating the small stuff is really preventing me from giving up. It is all such a mental game, with such physical results.

Oh, and BTW...apparently, I want to be an elephant in five years because I can't put down the nuts! Ah!