Sunday, February 21, 2010

Juicing, Comments and 46.5 miles!

Hey guyz! :P I am feeling so wonderful this morning. I'm so happy to be posting. I meant to post yesterday, but I was so extremely tired.

So yesterday I tried juicing for the first time! And let me tell you, juicing your own fruits/veggies is awesome! It tastes amazing and fills you up and gives you energy. I plan on replacing all but at least one meal with juicing for the next week. I've been reading up about it, and I really think it would be good for me. Yesterday I had fresh apple-grape juice, and then I had apple/celery juice. They were both delicious. Try this people! I tell you it is awesome and you can get a cheap juicer at wal-mart for $30! Mines seems to be working just fine.

I also want to thank everyone who has left comments. Can you believe it I haven't read them in like a week. I was ashamed, yeh yeh, stupid emotions they make you do stupid things like not look at comments on your blog. But this morning I thought, and yes I really thought this, "Dang it Olivia! Let yourself be encouraged!" Lol, so I read them and I DO feel encouraged!! So THANK YOU for not giving up on me when I almost do.

Now, the really cool part of post is about the bike ride I did yesterday! It was called the Humble Lions Bike Ride, and it was absolutely wonderful! Kyra and I did the 46.5 mile route! That is right! From 29 miles to 46.5 miles! And almost all of it was, not easy, but fun! The last 10 miles or so felt very long. But most of the route was through country rodes that weren't busy. We saw lots of cows and birds, and a few raccoons sleeping on the road. Silly raccoons, they just love sleeping in the road. We met up with Alison and her boy friend, whom she calls Peach...well, here, let me tell the story through some awesome pics that Alison took!

This is everyone lining up at the start. It is so fun to see all the different kinds of bikes and all the different kinds of people. I'm telling you, anyone and everyone is capable of enjoying road biking. Young, old, small, large...everyone is out there giving it a shot.

From left to right; me, Alison, and Kyra. Don't we look cool! I was surprised by, well, how not gigantic I look in this picture. I have a shape, and I don't necessarily look like the fat friend that is along for the ride.

We're back there, at the starting line. Me and Kyra. (Look for the girl in the white jacket and the girl in the blue jacket/blue helmet/blue bike.) That's right, Kyra is so extremem all her stuff matches! She is adorable.

This is Alison and her boyfriend, Peaches as she calls him. She is super nice! And is also doing the MS150. We are going to start training with her a couple of times during the week. Peaches has done two Iron Man Triathlons! Crazy! Sounds cheesy, but it is so cool to hang out with healthy/athletic people.

Have a good day!