Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Name and Inspiration

So, I needed a new name for my blog for 2010. Candy suggested, "Sassy & Thin in 2010" I like it, so I stole it! Bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha! But really, it is fun. Also stole the calendar idea from Deliberate Life, Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

In case you didn't understand, that is my evil laugh, lol.

Yesterday I stayed within 1500 calories, but I only ran 1/2 a mile as exercise. I'm still happy.

Today I am actually going to come in pretty low on my calories after dinner. Gonna hit around 1100 cals. Candice and I took a 30 minute walk earlier, and in an hour or so I'm gonna go to the gym for a good hard workout of some running and elliptical work. I'm pretty excited. Also going to weigh myself, which is really scary, but whatever.

So, I found the dress I'm aiming for, the dress I'm gonna wear that is gonna knock everyone socks off!

Drum roll please..................................

Here are a couple of websites that have really inspired me to work out today...oh, and they've inspired me to try and save up some money, lol:


Have a great day everyone!