Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday, no Monday, what the heck day is it!?!?!?

Yesterday being an off work day has made me feel kind of topsy turvy. I did do good yesterday...Had a piece of homemade pizza for breakfast (200 Calories), a big and delicious grilled chicken salad w/tea and just a couple of chips & queso (gonna round this up to 600 calories). For dinner I had rice, chicken and brussel sprouts (it was originally going to be couscous, but somehow I messed up the couscous. Honestly, who does that?). I also went for a run/walk for 45 minutes, then went to the gym and did about 15 minutes of weight lifting. I wanted to swim but there were two people in every lane, so I didn't get to. Pretty good for a day that I didn't have the routine of work to depend on.

Yesterday Aaron and I went and looked at road bikes (Aaron is my hubby, not sure if I ever mentioned his name.) It was so COOL! I found one at Sun & Ski Sports that was $850, a little out of my price range, but that thing was so pretty and light and it made my heart flutter. After doing some research online and talking to Aaron's brother (who is a road bike fanatic), we found a bike online that is sold at another store that is comparable for only $650. I'm pretty sure I'll be able to get that on 2/1. I am so excited to get a road bike. I want to travel down lonely stretches of road, listening to music, pushing myself, and watching the world go by. It gives me goose bumps.

Another cool thing is that Aaron's brother was super excited that I was doing the MS150!!! ((There will be a more extensive post on this later)) He even said that if a spot opens up on his team he'll let me know. His team is sponsored by a beer brewery, so yeh, they get a lot of free alcohol on the trip. So yeh, that would be freaking awesome!!

Today is a fast day. I was REALLY tempted to break my routine of Tuesday/Thursday's being fast days...but I know that is a dangerous thing to do. Plus this week I want to be extra good. There is no escaping the scale this Friday (So Candy, be ready at 6a.m.!!) I need to stick with my routine, and push it.

I realized this weekend that I really need, and even want, to push myself harder. I still have a long way to go, but that kind of makes me excited! I get to experience the process of getting better at so many things! When you think about it, is there any better feeling than accomplishing something? Well, I have to start out somewhere to accomplish anything, and here I am!!

So today I am going to push it with some cardio. Don't worry, if I feel light headed I'll eat. I don't want to pass out or anything. But I'm going to head to the gym for a little bit of swimming, because I know I have a long way to go with that.

Have a good Monda....er, I mean TUESDAY!!