Friday, April 30, 2010

We've Got This!

So today I had the last lunch...kinda like last supper, but maybe not as hard core...since, well, this last lunch I eat in order to extend my life, not end it.

Monday 7 friends and I are starting a Biggest Loser challenge. It is a month long challenge, and my personal goals are to:

-Consume 1200 calories or less a day
-Of those 1200 calories they will not be made up of soda or candy, but instead I can only eat fruits, veggies, plain meat, and a small amount of bread/carbs. Don't worry, I'll take vitamins!
-Exercise 6 days a week
-BLOG every day of the challenge (shock, I know. I need to get back into this blogging thing)
-I will not eat the peanut butter egg that is in my desk until 6/1/2010, once I have completed the challenge :)

I want to win this, I want to finish this. 50 pounds more, that is all I'm asking. The other day I finally admitted it out loud to my husband.

I admitted that I am disappointed in myself. The Cabaret audition is in a week. I'm not to my goal. It is 99.999% sure that I won't get the part I REALLY have ALWAYS wanted to play because I am still overweight.

How many opportunities have I let pass me by? How many times have I let myself down. I hate letting others down, I should hate letting myself down just as much.

I'm not saying this to bash myself.

I'm saying this because it is the LAST time I'm going to say it.

50 more pounds?

I'll tell you what I have to say to 50 more pounds.

I'll say what I said to many people going up the hills during the MS150

"We've got this!"

See you at the finish line!