Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hello, My Name is Olivia

So, after much careful thought I have decided to revamp. Not just my blog, but my life. There is some social pressure that makes me feel like it is wrong to revamp, to admit mistake, to simply change my mind...but I'm going to ignore it, because it is stupid.

It is okay to change my mind, it is okay to take a new direction, it is okay to make mistakes, it is okay to restart even if it is for the 3rd, 4th...100th time. The first thing a help desk tells you to do when you have a problem is, "Did you restart?"

So, I'd like to introduce myself. In no particular order, here's a list of things about me, past/present/future. They are me.

I am Olivia Alexander
I am assertive
I am not on a diet
I am healthy
I am beautiful
I am athletic
I am neat
I am creative
I am talented
I am agnostic
I do not believe in the typical structure of family/society
I don't do something unless I enjoy it
I admit when I'm wrong but I don't dwell on it
I am a cyclist
I love dogs
I am a runner
I am a swimmer
I like kayaking
I have a boyfriend
I like healthy food
I do not drink soda
I eat organic
I read a book a week
I listen to a wide variety of music
I drive with the windows down when possible
I don't like to have a lot of friends
I don't like to be overly social
I don't like to have too many commitments
I don't like to stay in one place for too long
I like being outside
I like camping
I am a great singer
I love dogs
I love money
I love adventure
I don't let fear run my life
I am a good employee
I am not a flake
I am a conservative and support limited government
I like to drive our mustang
I am sexy
I am confident
I am so much more than I can list out.
I am changing.

And the main point of this entry...

I have a blog
It isn't about being fat
It isn't about weight loss
It is about me!
Who I AM.

Olivia, Warrior Princess!(Insert crazy Zena Warrior Princess yells/sound effects)