Monday, April 5, 2010

Great Weekend...

What a great weekend! What was so great about it you may ask?

#1 - Got to spend it with the most wonderful husband in the world!!
#2 - I bought a 2002 Focus!!!! :) And it is in great shape, got a good deal on it, payments are low, it is going to allow me to travel!!! Yay! I am such a dork, I don't know why but I've always wanted a focus hatch wince high school, lol. And now I have one!
#3 - I went on a bike ride! ~35 miles. It was great! I rode up to work and back, so now I'm going to start commuting via bike. Can't today because I have a weird workout schedule, but I'm planning on starting tomorrow. I got a bike headlight and lock, so I'm ready to go! A little nervous about riding in the dark, but I know a route where the traffic isn't bad at all, so I am sure I will be okay. With the MS150 being just two weeks away, I know it will help in my training.
#4 - I sold the VW!!!! If you didn't know, I had a 1995 VW Golf. It was in OKAY condition for a commuter car. But I felt trapped with that car. I was always scared to drive out more than 30 miles from my house because that is outside of my 'free' towing range. It got me through 5 months, and I will miss the little thing. But man was I happy when only 4 hours after posting it on craigslist it SOLD! Eeee!
#5 - THEN! After selling it my husband and I went and bought a Wii!!! Yay, what fun! Debating on whether or not I should pick up the Wii Fit or EA Active game. Maybe I'll find one used cheap. I'm not willing to pay full price, sorry!

So, what is on the agenda today? Well, work is going to be weird for the next couple of weeks. Not going to be at my normal desk and can't goof around as much. Oh well. Good thing is I definitely won't be able to sit at my desk snacking all day. :) Tonight I'm probly going to go with my sister to do some Zumba at 6:30. At 5:45 there is a body sculpting class I'd also like to go to, but I'll have to see when I get off work. When I get home I really want to do some spinning, maybe 30 minutes? Then play some Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! :)

Oh, btw, I'm trying a new approach. Inches, not pounds. So I guess I better get to measuring.

bust - 45.5
waste - 40
hips - 48.75
roll - 48
thigh - 27.75
arm - 15

Alright, seriously need to start getting ready for work now. Have a great day!