Sunday, January 3, 2010

I can't think of a title!

But I have to post, because that is part of my commitment to the Perfect 10 Challenge :)...So, here I am.

Yesterday was both awesome and not so awesome at the same time. In the morning I got up and went to Challenger Park to meet my sis for some RollerBlading practice. I got there early and went for a 15 min walk/run. I didn't want to run too hard, since the day before I had really pushed myself to run 3 miles. Not to mention my right ankle was a little tinder for some reason.

It was a beautiful morning, and I took pictures...but I'll have to post them tomorrow because my usb cable for my camera is at work :(.

After the walk/run I got geared up for skating. Here is a pic my sister sam posted on facebook of me when she drove up. Not looking too shabby if I do say so myself :)

Funny story; When sam was putting on her stuff three cars pulled up, and guess who got out? You guessed it! Roller derby girls, there to practice! Hahaha. And me, wabbling around, hoping not to fall down. Sam said we should feel cool, because we picked the place to practice where they come to practice. They ended up being nice, skating over to us and saying, "Hey skaters!" Of course they were all beautiful and in great shape...good motivation to give this rollerblading thing a real go. In fact, I'm going to try and get out a few times this week to practice. Sam and I may even go see a Roller Derby match soon.

So yeh, that was pretty awesome...

But, it wasn't awesome that I was hungry....REALLY hungry yesterday. I ate way too much. I had no deficit, in fact, I came in as just maintenance...Ug. That is why you will notice the 2nd is highlighted in Orange on my calendar. Orange is going to indicate maintenance, Red is going to indicate a surplus of calories, and green...well that means success! A 1000 calorie or more deficit!

And, as you see, today was one of those days! :)

I ate pretty healthy, and even went running for 1.5 miles...again without stopping. The without stopping thing just makes me so happy. I went down the road from my house to Jack Brooks Park. It is well known for its mountain biking trails, but let me tell you, it was a beautiful place to run.

I am really excited for tomorrow. Weekdays are soooo much easier than weekends. Of course, I wanna be extra good this week so that I can see those weigh in results on Friday, plus I have the 5K run Saturday morning. I'm super excited. My hubby is going to let me take the Mustang to the run :) It is just a little modded, hehe. It will be a lot of fun to drive away in that car after finishing my first 5k. Haven't asked her yet, but I'm really hoping Sam will go with me. Plus I need someone to take a picture when I'm done! :) :) :)

The plan for this week is to run 3 miles Monday and Wednesday, Liquid Fast Tuesday and Thursday, and run 1.5 miles on Friday. Also going to try to walk at least once a day at work, and I want to do 30 min on the elliptical MWF, and lift weights MWF. Whew, if I don't see results next Friday I'm going to be surprised.

((Just have to note here that I'm sitting on the couch next to my boxer Rex and he is having a dream. It is sooo cute :P ))

Well, I hope everyone is doing great. I don't really feel like this post had much meaning but, if it is enough to keep me going that is good enough.

Tomorrow is a big day! I'm registering to go back to school (woot!) and Biggest Loser starts, lol, not that that matters much. Just something to watch and motivate me.

Alright people, lets make it a good week!