Friday, October 15, 2010

MS150 - 182 Days & Counting

It's almost that time again! Time for the BP MS150!! I'm very excited because this year I'm going to:

  • Start Training Earlier (This Sunday in fact)
  • Train More!
  • Do as many of the recommended training rides as possible because I actually have $$$ to do them!
  • Get clipless peddles...getting these tomorrow, yikes!
  • Be on the St. Arnold's Brewery Team! Which I signed up for today!!!
  • Meet my husband at the finish line! He didn't get to make it last year, but this year I already got a hotel so we can party it up that night!
  • I'm going to LOOOONG route this year! Oh yeh baby! That's 99.56 miles the first day and 74.1 miles the second day! Totally: 173.66 miles!! (okay getting a little less excited after typing that, lol)
So yeh, I'm really excited!!! If you are in Texas you should totally do it toooooo!! (Hint, hint Melting Candy.)

More to come!

Recap of the 2010 BP MS 150