Thursday, December 31, 2009

Fasting & 10 Things

Today I am doing a liquid fast, and I have to say I feel pretty awesome. This is something I'm going to start doing twice a week. I have read a lot of things about fasting, for weight loss and health. There are lots of benefits, and I encourage anyone who is skeptical to research it. I'm not 'starving' myself, so no worries there. I want to lose this weight permanently, and I know that has to be through a sustainable life style..that means I have to know how to eat in a healthy way..but even when I reach my goal weight I want to fast periodically. Mainly because fasting reduces acidity in the body, and therefore helps to prevent cancer, etc.
**Warning, the following may be Too Much Info**
One time I fasted for four days, and can you believe it? I still had to go #2 after four days of not eating. That means poo just hangs out for in your body for at least 4 days! crazy and gross! I'm fasting and I am finding it EXTREMELY easy. I was trying to figure out why, why I've always thought it was easier to just not eat at all...and I think I've narrowed it down to two reasons:

1. There is only 1 choice; not to eat. You don't have to choose to eat just one piece of pizza...or one and a half...or what the heck just eat the whole, you just don't eat.

2. The expectation is to be hungry. Usually when I am eating, I can't help but expect to be full by the end. I don't just mean satisfied, I mean FULL...a bloated feeling almost. But when I'm fasting, I expect to be hungry, so it doesn't really bother me. Sure my stomach grumbles, but I've never felt faint. Did you know that the feeling of hunger is not always an indication that you need to eat? Your brain sends signals to your stomach to start growling a couple of hours after you eat...even if you really don't need any nourishment. Just something to think on.

I've seen where some other people have been posting 10 Things that Make them Happy! I think I'm gonna do the same.

1. My Boxer Rex :)

2. A good book..preferrably some Fantasy, or Twilight, or Jane Austin!

3. Hugging :)

4. Hanging out w/my best friend, Candice.

5. Listening to good music!







6. Kayaking!

7. Good movies! Like LOTR, Wall-E, and Pride&Prejudice

8. Daydreaming about the future...and planning for it.

9. Driving the :)

10. The Beach...

I hope that everyone has the most wonderful New Years!


"Don't pursue happiness -- create it"

"Your future is whatever you make of it, so make it a good one."

"Do not let great ambitions overshadow small success."

We can do this people.
We are the only ones with the power to change anything.
One life, one choice.

Sassy & Thin in 2010!!
Yeah baby!!!