Wednesday, May 5, 2010

BLC - Day 3 Part 2

I've just got to put some of this stuff out there that my friend Kimberly sent to me today...

Some of us are skinny but not healthy. Some people spend their lives trying to be thin but are already healthy and others spend their lives trying to be healthy.

not all body types are built to be tiny and fragile. You are built to be a strong beautiful frame. You are healthy and active and you glow. You should go out for that part. You have an amazing voice and personality. I think you would be awesome in the roll!

I'm being honest. A lot of women get so wrapped up in losing weight and trying to be some ideal weight instead of trying to be an ideal weight for the frame and so forth and striving to be healthy and active. Other's get wrapped up in beautification of one sort or another. None of them stop to realize that real every day women are all very different and not one of them is perfect. We ALL have something we don't like about ourselves. If we would learn to love the good parts of ourselves instead of hating the bad parts, body image would go through the roof!

Girl, one day you need to stop and really look deep down inside yourself through your own eyes while looking in a mirror. Look at how your skin glows. Look at how alert your eyes are. Look at how healthy in general you look. Then look at how active you are and how far you push yourself physically (which i am extrememly impressed with by the way).

Well it is assumed that us smaller gnomes have it easy when we shop. We don't. Or that we all eat perfectly (which we all know is not true in most cases, in point).

We should all love and accept ourselves like our closest loved ones do. The world would be happier.

Sorry my inner motivator and life coach is coming out. Ooops. lol

I just hate that us women are so conditioned to judge ourselves so harshly.

I of course will stand behind you losing weight and striving for excellence, but make sure you don't lose sight of how beautiful you already are. Ok I am done, stepping off my soap box now. lol

Thanks for getting on your soap box Kimberly, I needed that more than you know.

BLC - Day 3

Day 3, doing good!

This morning I:
Swam 30 Minutes
Ran/Walked 10 Minutes
Weight Lifted 20 Minutes

I wish I could have run longer, but I ran out of time. Lol, 'ran' out of time, literally.

I'm getting stressed about the Cabaret audition. It is just nerves, but this morning I woke up freaking out, thinking I was getting a fever blister from the stress. But I'm not, so now I just need to CALM DOWN. I need CONFIDENCE!

Oh man, this is soooo true:

It's not who you are that holds you back, it's who you think you're not.

I keep trying to build my confidence, to seize my doubt and just decide to not care, to go balls to the wall (so to speak). Usually I don't have such a hard time with this. But for some reason, this has really got me.

I'm not going to let my doubt bring me down.
That is what I will keep telling myself until I believe it.