Tuesday, May 4, 2010

BLC - Day 2

Sigh, man, I have had this window open all day meaning to blog, but it has been CRAZY busy at work. I was about to close the window and thought, 'Nope, I can take a moment to blog.'

So today is day 2 of our biggest loser challenge and I'm feeling pretty good. Have eaten reasonably all day and done the following exercise:

25 minutes run/walk
25 minutes stationary biking
20 minutes weight lifting
20 minutes swimming

I'd like to do some more tonight, but we'll see what kind of energy I have when I get home. I do want to watch the biggest loser, and I have no excuse not to ride my spinning bike while I watch it. So might tack on another 30-60 minutes spinning. All in all, a good exercise day.

Met up with a friend named Heidi today to talk about Triathlon stuff. She has done an Iron Man and lots of other amazing stuff. She gave Helen and I lots of good pointers about the Triathlon on May 31st. It is getting scary because man is it getting real!

I was really thinking about the Cabaret auditions last night and this morning. I didn't sleep well because I was stressing out over it. But here is what I've decided, and it makes me feel much better. Nothing I do right now is going to make me get or not get the part I want. It is all up to those casting people. All I can do is going into that audition and bring it. While I want the part, if I don't get it now, hey, maybe the opportunity will come along again. And that time I will physically be ready as much as I am mentally/vocally.

Just realizing that all I can do is put my best foot forward on Sunday made me feel a lot better. It is a lot like weight loss. I cannot choose right now to have a thin/healthy body. What I can do is choose to make the right decisions today. The exact outcome of how I will look, etc, is out of my control. Every day I eat healthy, every day I bring it, makes me truly happy. It is so often I get to the point of accomplishment and it is not as thrilling as I thought it would be. That is when I realize that it was all about the experience. When I finished the MS150 it wasn't about the finish....it was the experience that had me so wowed, the during, the hills, the horses running in the fields along with the bikers, the sun peeking through a cloud. I hope that I can share that with other people, share the exhilaration when I cross the finish line...but in the end that experience is unique. It is what is truly worth celebrating. Meeting a group of women with the same goals, having friends that encourage you to make healthy choices, fitting into a new pair of pants...It is exciting! What am I going to do with myself once I reach this goal that I've set for myself? I act like it is the end, but I don't want it to end. Lately my husband has been complaining a bit that I am never home. He wants to know if I'll be home more after the Triathlon. The answer might be 'no'. I want to continue striving, making my way, experiencing new things. It truly is all about the experience and process...It sounds cheesy to read and hear that from other people, but when you have that epiphany yourself it is ground breaking.

Okay, I could go on like this forever, lol. Hope everyone had a great day and thanks for reading :)