Sunday, January 24, 2010

Weekends, the bane of my existance...

This weekend has not been perfect. Far from it. But, I am not so far off the beaten track that I can't find my way back. Yesterday I did not post, might as well come clean on that one, as if you didn't know. I ate way too much yesterday and did minimum exercise. So, it was definitely a maintenance day.

Today was better. Got up early this morning and went kayaking with Sam and Helen. It was beautiful out. I love kayaking, it has been too long since I've gone, and I'm excited that it will be warming up soon so I can good more often. I've also eaten good today.

Well, looking back on it, maybe this weekend wasn't really the bane of my existence. In fact, doesn't seem that bad looking back on it. I am very tired though, so this is it for tonight. Sorry to be so boring, but man, I'm tired.

Have a great night all!