Monday, October 18, 2010

Share the F#&*@!* Road!

What would you think if you pulled up to a school bus, the lights are flashing, the traffic stops..and then the kids are safely able to walk across the street.

Now imagine one driver gets pissed, starts honking at the kids, yelling at them, even drives by and swerves at them!!

What would you think?

A-hole right?!

I agree. But let's face it. School bus stops are inconveniencing. I certainly sit there slightly annoyed, sometimes I tap my fingers impatiently. But, in the end, I realize we all have to help each other out, keep each other safe, and the slight inconvenience I experience when waiting on those kids is not that important.

I'm not really writing about school bus stops. I really want to talk about the need for motorists to safely and considerately share the road with cyclists (just like they share it with school buses and other vehicles).

I have been commuting to work on my bike for the last week. I know that I have not encountered everything possible, but I have seen enough to feel like I am justified in writing a post about. On average I get honked at twice a day, I get swerved at once, and today I got yelled at for the first time by some guy who took the time to roll down his window and say "Hey stupid!"

The point is...

I know I might be a slight inconvenience when you have to slow down to 15mph.
I know you wish I would hug the curb so you could pass in the same lane as me.
I know you'd like to honk to say "Hey, you! I'm a car and you're not!"

But, I'm just trying to ride safely. I'm just trying to be healthy. And I have a right to be on the road because a bicycle is a vehicle too.

So please stop honking!! Please stop swerving! And if you are going to shout something at me, please come up with something more witty than "Hey Stupid!"

Instead of getting angry, why don't you smile, slow down, and give me a thumbs up. Because I'm huffing and puffing, trying to get out of your way. And it would be nice to actually get encouraged for once.

Thanks for reading and please, SHARE THE ROAD :)

(I'd like to note, that I always try to abide by the laws when I cycle and be courteous. I know that some cyclists out there do not. Please don't judge all of the rest of us by their actions.)