Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Slight Derailment, but Back on Track...Full Steam Ahead

Thanks for putting up with me being so irritable yesterday. I guess we just all have our days. I have self analyzed, and I think I know why. It was a delayed reaction from some drama on Friday. I managed to kind of hold it together over the weekend, but when I got back to work on Monday there just weren't enough distractions, and I started thinking too much.

But now I'm back on track. It comes down to the fact that sometimes, you just have to be selfish. Doesn't matter what your religious or moral background are, this is your life, and you better live it! So, I'm over the stupidity of others. I'm not going to let them throw me off the track anymore. They might as well be pennies on the rail because I'll just squash them if they get in my way! Okay, enough with the train references. :D

Today I have been happily sticking to my diet...the menu is as follows:

Breakfast:, Banana, Apple, Carrots (Raw)
Lunch: Peas & Carrots (Cooked), Tuna, Weight Loss Shake
Dinner: Sandwich, Chips

Might sneak in a snack somewhere in there if I need one. Also, woke up this morning and did 43 minutes on the elliptical. Will also be doing two 20 minute wellness walks at work today. So yeh, great day so far :) I've got rehearsal tonight! Weee! I love being in this musical.

I hope everyone else in the bloggosphere is having a great day. Thanks for reading!