Friday, September 24, 2010

The proposal, book & a boxer, and therapy.

Today has been awesome and crazy. It feels like it was jam packed full of stuff. Nothing of great importance just work. I was really productive and feel like I made good choices.

Awesome right? How often can I really say that? :)

Our date last night was super awesome! Aaron took me to the restaurant where we had our reception. And we saw a waiter that had actually waited on us at our wedding, lol. Dinner was so delicious. We got Spinach Artichoke Dip for an appetizer and then I had the Baked Ziti, which is one of my new favorite foods. There was no way I could finish it. After that Aaron took me to the park where we got married, and get this, he got down on one knee (something he never did when he originally proposed to me) and re-proposed. It was so sweet, and of course I started crying. It was a beautiful evening. Galveston smelled so wonderful; a mix of salty air and flavorful smells wafting from restaurants. Funny how smells can remind you so much of good times. And, the moon was beautiful :) We didn't see it until we were leaving the island because the horizon had been cloudy. But man, it lit up the sky!

And now it is Friday, and my good mood is holding out. I'm thinking tonight I will being making Aaron and I a mozzarella and feta cheese pizza! Yum! After that Aaron is going to a car meet and I'm going to curl up with Rex (my boxer) and a book I borrowed from my niece.

I feel good. I feel like me. Today I went to a therapist. That is right, I'm nuts. I went to him a couple of weeks ago and he was really able to help me with some family stuff I was having. Seems like a big reoccurring theme is Assertiveness and my lack of it. I feel weird seeing a therapist, mainly because I don't know where to start or what he wants me to say. It is scary trying to be honest and not trying to sugar coat things for someone. But that is my main problem...well, maybe not a problem, but the main thing I want to work on. I want to stop sugar coating. I want to tell the truth to everyone. I don't always want to be a doormat or the glue in a relationship. Ah, feels so good to have moments of clarity.

I'm hoping to start implementing this mentality. I want to start with family relationships. I need to 'set boundaries' as the therapist says. That requires me to be up front and honest with those close to me. Why is it so hard?

Anyway, that's about it for today. Thanks for reading!

(PS - Did you notice how I didn't blog about my diet or need to lose weight? It feels GREAT not to define myself but only those two things. Yes I'm making some pretty healthy choices and I will start sharing them. But I'm glad I'm talking about other things too. It feels healthier, lol, go figure!)