Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Thankful Tuesday

I hope Kym from http://runkymklass.blogspot.com/ doesn't mind that I stole her idea for thankful tuesday :)

I'm thankful for...

His hugs, especially the ones I don't expect.
When he says nice things like, "I'm so happy I get to be with you."
When he kisses me softly.
When he kisses me passionately.
When he smiles at me.
When he laughs at something I say.
When he touches my cheeks.

My dogs, Rex & Reeses.
When Rex wiggles at me and his eyes get all big.
When Reeses jumps on me and wags her tail.
When Rex curls up next to me when I'm reading a book.
When Reeses randomly decides to jump on my lap.
When they both make a little kid happy when they get to pet them.

My Job.
When I get paid :)
When everyone is out for the day.
When I get to use the computer to read blogs!

My friends.
When they make me laugh.
When they encourage me.
When they share silly things that make them happy with me.

When the cool breeze wipes the sweat away.
On a down hill, that isn't too steep.
When I push even if I keep thinking I can't do it.

When it suddenly doesn't hurt.

When the water smells like summertime in junior high school.
When I get so hungry after wards and eat a sandwich & chips.

My Family.
When we reminisce.
When they support me.
When we laugh.

I forget just how many things I'm thankful for sometimes.

Thanks for reading :)