Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Assert Yourself and Day 2 Recap

The Biggest Loser and I have a love/hate relationship. I ended up watching it last night, and got thoroughly annoyed by Jillian being so pissed at the girls for coming in last on weigh ins. Why don't they ever address the facts about the difference between men and women's weight loss? Why don't they display the height of the contestants or explain BMI? Or that muscle weighs more than fat, or that the first week the contestants probably lose a lot of water weight...sigh, it gets a little irritating. Because, while it is inspiring in many ways, it could also be discouraging to someone who is trying to lose weight outside of the show.

Well, there was one thing I did like about the show last night. And that was the message of, "If you want it, ask for it." Basically, assert yourself! So many people don't want to cause problems, they don't want to cause controversy, so much so that they become living breathing door mats! There is a time and a place to put others needs before yours, but there is also a time and a place to put your needs before others.

On the Biggest Loser last night there was this guy named Aaron, and he didn't do so good on the weigh in. He seemed like a very chill easy going guy, but he also appeared to be uninspired. He ended up being in the bottom half of the contestants and would have to do one last challenge, and would potentially be going home. Unless, he could convince this one guy that he deserved immunity. Aaron waited and waited, and didn't talk to the Immunity Guy. All the other contestants were crying and telling Immunity Guy why they deserved to stay on the show. Then they showed a clip of a workout where the trainer Bob was screaming at them, "If you want something, just reach out and take it!" (Or something along those lines.)

That is when the light bulb went off in Aaron's head. After the workout he went and talked to Immunity Guy about how he really did want to stay on the show. And guess who got immunity? That's right, Aaron. So, yay! Let's all shed a few happy tears, and then think about what you and I can learn from this story.

We are not always going to get 'Immunity'. Sometimes life doesn't work out. But you should still reach out and take what you want/need/deserve. Sometimes this is just something you do. Like me going buying that food for the 21 Day Challenge, or if I really want some new bike gear, if I just take the plunge and spend the money. Sometimes I feel like I have to justify these purchases, especially in my relationship with Aaron. But what I need to realize is that it is okay to have give AND take. He doesn't mind, he wants me to have the things I desire and need. Why do I always feel like I have to give, give, give? And don't think for one second that I'm sitting here saying that I am selfless. I am nothing of the sort. I am selfish, because the reason I give, give, give? I want to be a martyr. I want people to praise me and think I'm selfless. It is a dark truth about myself, and I am a bit ashamed of it. But, all I can do is learn from this.

Then there's the asking part of being assertive. Sometimes you have to ask or tell someone what you want. This is hard for me because I fear conflict, again probably because I want to impress everyone with my wonderful 'glue' skills (meaning, the way I am commonly referred to as the 'glue' in relationships.) I'm sick of this too. I WANT things, so I'm going to ASK for them. I know me better than anyone else, so why do I feel I need to wait for something to figure out what I want/need/deserve? That is the most ineffective way to get anything! So ask for things and tell people what you want! I am really digging this 21 day challenge. The food is pretty good and it is so simple. Plus a nutritionist from Fit Foods emails me every day with encouragement and to see how I'm doing. They have also been asking for my weight every day...At first I was like, "Okay, didn't know I was supposed to report that EVERY day." I've had problems with focusing on my weight before and becoming obsessed with the numbers. I don't want to do that anymore. So I realized their was a simple solution. I am going to ASK if it is okay if I only weigh in once, maybe twice, a week. I am going to TELL the nutritionist (who is super nice btw) that I have a problem with getting fixated on numbers and it sometimes derails me if they aren't looking as good as they should. And finally, this is the part that takes real balls on my part, I am going to suggest that they make this an option in the future, especially for their clients who have my kind of history with obesity.

All of these concepts seem so simple once I write them down, but they are a real struggle for me. So, if anyone reads this :) I CHALLENGE YOU! ASSERT YOURSELF!

Now for my 21 Day Challenge Recap for Tuesday. It went pretty good. I did have my 1 cheat meal for lunch because I promised my bro-n-law we'd go out to eat. I kept it light though w/chicken, rice, and soup. Other that that, the meal plan was as follows:

Breakfast - Good Morning Breakfast (ground turkey, cheese, rice, etc.)

Snack - Chicken & Fruit Bowl
(sorry for got to take a picture)

Snack - 3 Chocolate Almond Patties

Dinner - Ninja Tenderloin. (Tenderloin and spinach)

I aboslutely loved everything on the menu, except the 2 Chocolate Almond Patties. You can imagine the excitement when I saw Chocolate Almond Patties on the menu for yesterday! But they turned out to be rather bland brownie kind of things. No biggie, I just expected something different. I guess I should have known chocolate and diet don't go well together.

The really bad news? I didn't exercise yesterday and I don't think I will be able to today. I'm not trying to make excuses, but we are moving this Thursday so I have been swamped. I plan on making up for yesterday and today by exercising this weekend. Oh well, can't dwell on what can't be helped. I'll just have to follow my meal plan to a T :)

Thanks for reading and have a great day!