Monday, December 14, 2009

What should I title this?

Titles are overrated anyway!

Oh Mondays, how I love them! Fresh starts! A new week! Yay!

This week I need to run 2 miles...and I'm setting the bar higher...EVERY DAY!
This week I am going to stay under 1500 calories...EVERY DAY!
This week I am going to take breaks at work and take 30 min walks...EVERYDAY!
This week I am going to do my ab workout...EVERYDAY!
This week I am going to do weight training FOUR times instead of three.
This week I am going to take a 30 min walk in the evening...EVERYDAY!
This week I am going to type a blog entry before bed...EVERYDAY!

That's right people, this week I'm going to push it!!!
I WILL NOT start 2010 weighing more than 200 pounds.
In fact, I'd really like to be closer to 195 by the beginning of the year.

Yesterday we went to Galveston, to the strand, and had lunch. Then we walked around to all the shops. I had so much fun! More fun than I have EVER had walking around the strand...and I realized why! Because whenever I used to walk around the strand I would get tired! And grumpy! I always just thought I hated shopping, lol. But no, I just hated moving at all, because I was too big. These last 15-20 pounds really have made a big difference. :)

Okay, hopefully knowing I have to post later tonight will keep me honest through the day :)

Have a good one!