Sunday, February 7, 2010

Shaking it Up = Kicking it Up

Am I ready? Yes I am! I am so psyched about this week. Every day I have a goal, and every day I will accomplish it. That is my new 21 day goal...everyday I will set goals, and every day I will accomplish them. For 21 days straight, I will not have an 'off' day no matter what. And on March 1st I will be getting back on that scale with a vengeance.

My goals for tomorrow? Simple.

#1 - Eat 1300 Calories or less.
#2 - Drink 6 Bottle of Water.
#3 - Exercise: 20 min. strength training, 30 min. run/walk intervals, 30 min. bike ride, 30 min swimming.

Three simple goals...That I will accomplish. So stay tuned :)