Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spinning, Zumba, and Competition

Yesterday was not a bad day. I didn't eat very well. My hubby was sick, and begged for, I indulged. I'm pretty surey I maintained. The good news is I got up early this morning and got stuff so we can eat at home for pretty much the next two weeks. :)

The reason yesterday wasn't bad is that I really pushed it working out. I had a spinning class, and since I have been road biking it is a lot easier for me to simulate real biking in class. Knowing I have a 47+ mile ride this weekend with hills I knew I needed to squeeze out any training I could get. So, for an hour, I pushed it. Instead of just putting a little resistance on the bike, I pumped it up. 'This is a HILL' I kept telling myself. It felt awesome!

Of course, after that I was meeting my sister for a Zumba class. And I mean, it was IMMEDIATELY after the spinning class. I kept up for about thirty minutes and then headed home. So, I really like Zumba. But, I'm really bad at it. Oh well, guess I'll keep going until I'm good at it. I mean, dang, look at these women! Holy poo! I'd love to look like that...curvy but not fat.

Now, to the competition part of my post. Well, this chick I know replied to a status message of mine on facebook. The status message was about me going to the gym. She said that she was working out really hard to get ready for the summer, and that she knows we are gonna look really hot. I've always felt competative toward this chick. I don't really know why. She has always been slightly smaller than me. She keeps loosing weight so that she is always just a little bit smaller. She's nice, I don't wish her ill will. But on the rare occasions I actually see, I always like to look good when I do. So, seeing that from her I'm imagining her squeezing into a really cute bathing suit. Talk about lighting a fire under my butt!

So, what is planned for today?
Well, for breakfast I just had some cheerios, soymilk, and 1/2 a banana. I have some juice at work (veggie and fruit). Before I leave work (around 4) I'm going to have a cracker, banana, and some peanut butter. And tonight, I'll eat a PORTION SIZE of whatever my husband wants for dinner. (All healthy food that can be cooked at home. Also, I'm going to go for a bike ride after work. I'm planning about a 20ish mile ride.

Hope everyone has a great day!