Friday, November 13, 2009

Not doing so good :(

So, this week has not been going so well. I really need to make a trip to the grocery store and pick up some stuff that is healthy. Aaron (my hubby) and I have just been eating what is quick and easy to make. I've got to stop that. I have a little refrigerator in my garage. I think I might bring it up to work so that I can keep healthy stuff at my desk. I really hope I get a car soon. That will give me the freedom to come to work early and go to the gym.

On another note...less than a week till NEW MOON! Eeeeeeee! JAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACOB OMG! (yes, i know candy is the only one that will understand this, and that is okay.)

A couple of goals to reach by 1/1/2010:
-Be able to run 5K (3 miles) w/out stopping
-Be down to 180 pounds (currently at ~200)
-Be Microsoft Office Certified (totally not weight loss related, but whatever)

Thanks for reading :)