Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hot 100 Update, Clipless Peddles, and $$$

Well, this week is almost over, like it will be in a matter of hours, and I still haven't done my Hot 100 Update. Sigh, guess I should fess up to a couple of things.

I have not done any situps.


I also had to stop my 21 day challenge. Even though this wasn't a part of my Hot 100 goals, it is still a bummer. It got too expensive, and I ran out of money. Good thing is? I went to wal-mart this morning and got breakfast/lunch/dinner for this WHOLE week! And it is all pretty darn healthy :) I'm pretty excited.

One good thing that I HAVE been doing for the Hot 100 Update...My mileage!! Thus far I have traveled 72.7 miles since we started the Hot 100 Challenge! That leaves me 276.3 miles to go from Houston to New Orleans. Basically I'm between Winnie, Texas and Beaumont, LA. At this pace I might need to lengthen my goal a bit, but we'll see.

So, even though a couple of things have gone wrong, I'm feeling pretty good over all.

Today I did 33.2 of those 72.7 miles on my road bike with my new clipless peddles!! In case you don't know what clipless peddles are...well, it is kind of confusing to me, because to me they DO clip, they aren't clipless! They are peddles that allow you to clip in these special kind of shoes into. This helps with a lot of stuff, especially getting a good spin on and being able to work the whole rotation of the peddle. Not just the down stroke. With clipless peddles you can pull up too, so yeh, a lot more potential for speed.

Problem w/these peddles is when you want to stop....well, you have to unclip them by twisting your foot. This takes, well, a little getting used to. And of course, you are eventually going to fall. The sucky thing is you don't fall when you are going fast, or doing something cool. You fall when you are stopping or trying to start. And OF COURSE, I had my first a VERY BUSY intersection! With a car stopped right behind me. Lol, it was very embarrassing, as my friend Helen will tell you who was there with me. But, I got that over with. And hopefully I won't have to repeat it...although I do have a really cool scrape on my knee that makes me look like a real ruffian.

So yeh, was a g
reat ride. Evan did two pretty big bridges! I was really proud of myself.

Now, the $$$ in the title of this blog in fact means money. Aaron and I sold our house, and we moved into an apartment. Not because we couldn't afford a house, but because we just wanted to have more spending $$$. And I have to tell you, this is AWESOME! And what is REALLY I am gradually losing the urge (at least so far) to overeat. I have been ordering the healthier more expensive things at restaurants, I bought expensive healthy groceries, I bought expensive workout clothes and clipless peddles! ((I do feel I should clarify that it wasn't until this last Friday that the $$$ started to roll in. The 21 Day challenge had been put on hold before that.)) Anyway, point is, I think one of the #1 reason I am obese is because I grew up poor. I'm not trying to make excuses. I could make the decision to eat less, but it is more difficult. But this weekend I turned down PANDA EXPRESS (OMG)...because, meh, I can get that any time. I have $$$. I'll go home and eat.

Yeh, like, crazy right? :)

Thanks for reading!