Wednesday, January 13, 2010

50th Post

So this is my 50th post, kinda cool.

Today was good. Pretty much text book good. But I'm tired and bloated....and I am kind of ready for today to be over. I guess I'll rehash the day for blogging sake...

Woke up,
ate a surprisingly delicious new breakfast of these special crackers w/almond butter and banana,
went to gym,
lifted weights,
ran a mile,
biked 5 miles,
swam 15 minutes,
went to work,
ate Indian Food for lunch (stayed about from all carbs though),
was really bored at work,
accidentally went psycho emotional woman on my husband,
left work,
ran a mile in the park,
felt a bit better,
called an appologized to husband,
got stuff to make homemade pizza for dinner,
made my husband a pepperoni and cheese pizza,
made me a veggie pizza that was delicious!,
tried watching Mamma Mia,
discovered Mamma Mia is a huge disappointment,
got on the computer and wrote this.

I don't know why I feel so pissy. Well, I do, and it is a girl thing. But, I'm sticking to my diet. That is good. Still not sure if I want to weigh in this Friday...I do, but I don't. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be a little more chipper and will be able to decide.

Sorry this wasn't a more inspiring post. I just feel BLAH!

Hope everyone is in a better mood than I am :)