Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Do Bad Things Really Come In 3s?

I sure hope so. Seems like I've been in a funk, and I sure am ready to get out of it.

Bad Things:

#1 - Gained weight. Yeh, I'm sure everyone can understand that one.
#2 - Found out I owe one taxes. UG! JUST when you think you are getting ahead.
#3 - Cut backs at work. I work for a little organization you may have heard of, it is called NASA. I'm a contractor and all the cancellations that are happening with constellation right now, well, those are a little scary, plus my husband works here. Hopefully we will both have a job in a few months.

So hopefully that is it. I really don't want anymore. I've already got a lovely fever blister that showed up the other night. I usually take medicine for them, but by the time I realized what was happening to my poor lip it was too late.

Monday night and all day Tuesday I sulked.

Oh whoa is me!!!

So here is to three GOOD things happening! :)