Friday, May 7, 2010

BLC - Day 5

Oh it's Friday, and I accidentally 'slept in' this morning. Meaning I didn't wake up at 4am like I wanted to. So, I'll have to workout this afternoon instead. I'm thinking of going for a run/jog/walk, lol. Also going to go hit the weights at lunch. And then, when I finally get home tonight, I'm going to jump on my spinning bike and watch Cabaret. So, it is a good plan. Now I gotta stick with it!

I am pretty psyched about this weekend. Here is the agenda:

5pm - Run/Walk
6pm - Maybe stop by Candice's House and rehearse Cabaret audition?
7pm - Spin and watch Cabaret! :)

8am - Zumba with Rocio!
9am - Weight Lifting class maybe?
10am - Open Water Swimming w/Helen (yikes!)
5pm - Drive in Movies w/my hubby! :) Gonna see Iron Man 2 and How to Tame your Dragon (it is a double feature)

6am - Duathlon w/Kyra (Gonna run 1 mile, ride bike for an hour, and run another mile)
1:30pm - Cabaret Audition (Eeee, excited and scared!)

Good plan, huh? I'm excited! Then Monday I have my second weigh in for the biggest loser. Crossing my fingers to see a loss...but I'm not that worried. I know I've had a great week. I'm doing what I love, talking to people about leading a healthy lifestyle all day long, and experiencing life! It is so great that I don't really care THAT much about the number on the scale. PLUS! I have blogged all week :) :) :) That makes me super happy.

Oh, and another thing that I am REALLY proud of this week? I stayed away from the candy jar that is only about 3 yards away from me. Didn't get anything out of it! Not once!

Woohoo! Everyone have a great weekend and thanks for reading!!!